jPOSTrepo (Japan ProteOme STandard Repository) is a new data repository of sharing MS raw/processed data. It consists of a newly-developed, high-speed file upload process, flexible file management system and easy-to-use interfaces. Users can release their “raw/processed” data via this site with a unique identifier number for the paper publication. Users also can suspend (or “embargo”) their data until their paper is published. The file transfer from users’ computer to our repository server is very fast (roughly ten times faster than usual file transfer) and uses only web browsers – it does not require installing any additional software.

jPOST is a certificated member of ProteomeXchange Consortium and jPOSTrepo provides official ProteomeXchange Identifiers to projects stored in our repository.


jPOSTdb (Japan ProteOme STandard DataBase) is a database containing re-analysis results with unified criteria for proteome data from jPOSTrepo. It provides viewers showing the frequency of detected post-translational modifications, the co-occurrence of phosphorylation sites on a peptide and peptide sharing among proteoforms.


The jPOST workflow provides a re-analysis workflow that was used to build jPOSTdb from jPOSTrepo data.


Mass spectrometry-based proteomics needs a variety of tools for data processing, quantification, data integration, and so on. jPOST project team has developed a variety of tools for proteome analysis, and the jPOST gadget is a collection of these tools we have developed as well as other commonly used tools for mass spectrometry-based proteomics.


The jPOST COVID-19 is a special page on coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and the COVID-19 disease data, where mass-based proteomics data in ProteomeXchange resources are analyzed by the jPOST re-analysis workflow.