How to cite the jPOST resources?
Please use the following citation

Citing the jPOST repository (jPOSTrepo):
jPOSTrepo: an international standard data repository for proteomes.
Okuda S, Watanabe Y, Moriya Y, Kawano S, Yamamoto T, Matsumoto M, Takami T, Kobayashi D, Araki N, Yoshizawa AC, Tabata T, Sugiyama N, Goto S, Ishihama Y. Nucleic Acids Res. 2017; 45(D1):D1107-D1111. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkw1080.

Citing the jPOST database (jPOSTdb):
The jPOST environment: an integrated proteomics data repository and database.
Moriya Y, Kawano S, Okuda S, Watanabe Y, Matsumoto M, Takami T, Kobayashi D, Yamanouchi Y, Araki N, Yoshizawa AC, Tabata T, Iwasaki M, Sugiyama N, Tanaka S, Goto S, Ishihama Y.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2019; 47(D1):D1218-D1224. doi: 10.1093/nar/gky899.

Citing ProteomeXchange:
Deutsch EW, Csordas A, Sun Z, Jarnuczak A, Perez-Riverol Y, Ternent T, Campbell D, Bernal-Llinares M, Okuda S, Kawano S, Moritz RL,1 Carver JJ., Wang M, Ishihama Y, Bandeira N, Hermjakob H and Vizcaíno JA.
The ProteomeXchange consortium in 2017: supporting the cultural change in proteomics public data deposition.
Nucleic Acids Res. 2017; 45(Database issue): D1100–D1106. PubMed ID: 27924013.

What is the license for reuse of jPOST data?
All data in both the jPOSTrepo and jPOSTdb (including COVID-19 data) is licensed under the CC0 License.

jPOST Repository

A reviewer of a journal to which I submitted a paper asked me to open mass spectrometry data. Does jPOST accept the data?
Yes. As an official member of the ProteomeXchange Consortium, jPOSTrepo accepts mass spectrometry data and issues IDs that can be published in journals.
I wrongly published my project, so I want to make it unpublished.
The jPOST repository is operated in compliance with PXC guidelines.
Once a project is published, it cannot be made private.
I want to revise the contents of a project after it has been published.
As with the question above, you cannot change the contents of your project after it has been published.
It is possible to revise the project before it is published.
I want to remove a project after it has been published.
Basically, you cannot delete a project that has already been published.
If a paper related to that project will be retracted, it can be considered.
Validation of complete submission does not finish or say errors.
Complete submission requires a data validation process.
This process is dependent on the size of the data and can take up to a week or more in long cases. If you encounter any errors, please contact us.
What should I do for reviewer?
If you need to show your project data to reviewers in the process of peer reviewing your paper, you can issue a preview URL for the project from your My page. You can create a site where the private data can be accessed by a specific URL and passcode only until the project is published.
Contents of my preview is not available after the announcement.
The preview is only for limited use until the project is published.
Please note that the preview URL will no longer be available once the project is published.
I put wrong PubMed ID.
Please contact us (jpostdb[at]gmail.com) for more information.